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Recently, I had the pleasure of reasoning with Troy Ashley who is an upcoming hip-hop artiste from Jamaica and goes by the moniker, Trayne. He's a recent, 23 year old, graduate of the University of Technology where he pursued a degree in Information Technology. Here's how the conversation went down:

KR: Tell me a bit about yourself.
T: I’m a cool, down to earth person who is passionate about anything I do and one who has strong morals and values friendship and family.

KR: When did you get into music and why?
T: I first got into music when I started university in 2010. I never thought it would be something I’d take seriously until I wrote my first verse. I've been in love with writing and recording my own songs ever since.

KR: Is there a specific genre that you fit into?
T: I love hip-hop/rap music - this is where I found myself. However, I have a love for other genres of music. I’d love to try out other genres, such as pop, to prove my versatility.

KR: Which of your songs are you most proud of?
T: The song I am most proud of so far is song entitled ‘I'm scared’, where I featured Shantelle Coombs. So far, this song has been my most played and downloaded track across the internet. I have received many good reviews which inspires me do keep going.

KR: What fascinates you most about music?
T: What fascinates me the most about music is the power that it has. From the sound of an instrument to the words of an artiste, it has proven to be life changing. Music allows you to access your emotions; music can heal; music can make you stronger. It is true expression. The fact that it allows you to connect with people who don’t even speak your language, is something to marvel about. That’s what I love about music.

KR: Aside from music, what are your other interests?
T: My other interest outside the boundaries of music include digital graphics and photography. I have always been a fan of anything artistic. I've been drawing anime characters since I was four years old and as I grew, so did that passion for art.

KR: Which artistes influence you?
T: I’m influenced by a number of artistes namely; J.Cole, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Nas and Logic.

KR: What’s next for you?
T: I am currently working on my first mixtape entitled "Soul Trayne" which is set to be released mid 2015.

KR: Tell me about your upcoming mixtape.
T: As for Soul Trayne, it has conscious songs, love songs, motivational songs...and a few bangers.

KR: What else do you hope to accomplish soon?
T: What I hope to accomplish soon....Well, I'm currently working with more musicians and we want to take our music to a global level. So that where I want to be soon, actually having gigs within and outside Jamaica.

Be sure to listen to Trayne’s music on Soundcloud - Trayne Musicx

He may be contacted via:
Email - .
Facebook - Trayne Musicx

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